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2016 Tumbleweed Workshops

Tumbleweed 2016 Workshop Schedule

January February March
  • Austin: 16-17
  • CO Springs: 23-24
  • Madison: 30-31
  • Sacramento: 6-7
  • Boston: 20-21
  • Raleigh: 27-28
  • Vancouver: 5-6
  • Orlando: 12-13
  • Wash. D.C.: 19-20
April May June
  • Phoenix: 2-3
  • Houston: 9-10
  • Minneapolis: 16-17
  • Boulder: 4/30-5/1
  • Berkeley: 14-15
  • Newark: 21-22
  • Seattle: 4-5
  • Nashville: 11-12
  • San Diego: 25-26
July August September
  • Dallas: 9-10
  • CO Springs: 16-17
  • Toronto: 23-24
  • Chicago: 30-31
  • Asheville: 13-14
  • Santa Cruz: 20-21
  • Boston: 27-28
  • Atlanta: 10-11
  • Santa Fe: 17-18
  • Portland: 24-25
October November

*All schedule dates and locations subject to change.

Dream Big, Go Tiny Workshop

●  2-Days of valuable information
●  Presented by building experts
●  Resources you can’t find anywhere else
●  Tumbleweed product discounts

Tumbleweed’s 2-day workshop is packed with all the insightful and extensive information you’ll need to design and build your very own Tumbleweed — setting you on a path to a simplified, environmentally-friendly, economically-balanced lifestyle.

Skillfully presented by actual Tumbleweed owners/builders—who happily share their stories and experiences on subjects such as choosing the appropriate trailer base, selecting green materials, and the importance of using the right tools etc.—these workshops cover every aspect of Tumbleweed building and living.

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  • "This was an excellent workshop. I purchased the DVD which was great but the workshop went more indepth on each subject. Also the other attendees had great input on the subjects."
  • "This workshop was exactly what I needed to go to to convince me that a house on wheels is the lifestyle for me. Great information and happy to have a networking system moving forward."
  • "The workshop was incredibly informational. I will know how everything was built, where it is and possibly how to repair it. I loved the workshop. Meg, Guillaume and Mario were amazing. I learned so much."
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